Our Story

Dad Searching Solutions Medically Complex Daughter, Creates Cannanumb

Imagine that your daughter has a life-threatening genetic disorder, and you don’t know how to help her. For Seth Hyman, the founder of Cannanumb®, watching his daughter Rebecca suffer from seizures every day made him desperate to find a solution. Seth spent years researching alternative treatment options to help Rebecca, who suffers from a severe genetic disorder called 1p36 Deletion Syndrome. In addition to seizures, the disorder contributes to developmental delay, physical impairment and other severe medical conditions. His search led him to studies that showed that Rebecca—and many other medically complex children—could get help from a high-CBD, low-THC oil extract specific to certain strains of hemp and marijuana. Seth became dedicated to learning more about the benefits of hemp and cannabis not only for his daughter, but also for those individuals who could benefit from the plant's medicinal properties. His hard-won knowledge led to the founding of Cannanumb®, LLC — and the creation of the company’s first revolutionary product, Cannanumb®. Cannanumb®’s powerful ingredients, which include organic hemp seed oil and maximum strength lidocaine, work together to target aches and pain by more deeply penetrating the skin’s dermal layer to provide relief to aggravated nerves. One of the first FDA-registered over-the-counter drugs* using hemp seed oil, Cannanumb® is already changing the lives of countless people who suffer from pain by giving them an effective alternative to oral pain pills and other pain products. Having seen the difference that hemp-based products have made in Rebecca’s life, Seth is more determined than ever to continue to provide innovative solutions for people looking for a plant-based approach to health and wellness.

*FDA Registered (NDC Package Code #72614-265-02) Over the Counter (OTC) Pain Drug