Searching for Solutions, Father of Medically Fragile Daughter Creates Hemp-based Topical Cannanumb®

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Seth Hyman is the father of a 13-year-old daughter, who suffers from a severe genetic disorder and daily seizures. Having tried more than three dozen different drugs, along with numerous holistic and homeopathic treatments with no results, he had few options left to help her.

He dedicated his life to finding a solution, and while researching different treatment options, he became aware of the potential benefits of hemp and plant-based products. Not only to help his daughter, but also the millions of individuals who could benefit from the use of these treatments for a variety of conditions.

A long-time advocate for the hemp industry and the benefits of plant-based medicines, Hyman founded Hempagenix™ and created its signature product, Cannanumb®. Unlike many other products currently on the market, Cannanumb® does not contain CBD; ingredients including organic cannabis sativa hemp seed oil and maximum strength lidocaine, along with other pain-fighting ingredients, work together to deeply penetrate the skin’s dermal layer, providing relief to aggravated nerves.

Having seen the difference plant-based products have made in Rebecca’s life, Hyman is more determined than ever to provide innovative hemp-based health and wellness solutions to those who need them. To learn more about the Hyman’s story, visit

Note to editors: Seth Hyman is available for interviews to discuss how hemp and plant-based medicines have impacted his daughter Rebecca’s life, as well as the lives of countless others. Contact with any inquiries.

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